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Working with us to meet each other's goals

To ensure that your project is successful, our Management team will help with your pre-project planning.


Think ahead. As a professional land manager, how will we define a successful project?  


Before your crew arrives on site, we need to:


  • Establish a schedule. We like to use a four-day project model. Most WCCC crews depart for their project sites at 7 AM, take a 15 minute break at 10, 30 minutes at lunch, 15 minutes at 2:30 and arrive back at their base before 5

  • Assign a crew.  You should know who your crew and Crew Leaders will be ahead of your project.  Ideally, the Crew Leader on your project will be able to walk the project ahead of time, during a presite visit with the Project Partner and a WCCC Field Manager (See Presite Form

  • Designate an agency project lead.  Who will be available to answer specific questions?  Who will evaluate project outcomes? Who will be the emergency contact?











  • Define goals of the project.  Set objectives and provide maps to describe expectations

  • Plan details for camping crew.  WCCC crews are self contained, but will need assistance locating a potable water source and bathrooms (and alternatives)

  • Identify nearest hospitals and emergency routes

  • The WCCC Field Manager will coordinate with our Logistics Office to put together tool lists.  If your project requires any specialty tools, please let us know as soon as possible


What the WCCC is: 


  • Youth training, work-experience, and an education program

  • Focused on developing young people through service and learning





What the WCCC is Not: 


  • Professional work crews

  • A volunteer program

  • A recreation program

Shared Project Responsibilities


Project Partner

  • Pre-project walk-through with Project Partner's staff

  • Adult supervision

  • Crew of trained Corpsmembers (size of crew determined with Project Partner

  • Basic tools

  • Transportation

  • Camp equipment and food

  • Project planning

  • Pre-project walk-through with WCCC staff

  • Specialty tools or heavy equipment

  • Project Partner staff person available to answer questions and check on quality

  • Complete an end-of-project evaluation

  • Camp site (if necessary)

  • Potable water

  • Access to toilet facilities

  • Horse/side-by-side packing services

  • Fee-for service

Our land managers are our partners, that's why we ensure quality project management.

Corpsmember development is our priority, so we collaborate with national service experts.

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