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Thank you for the donations!

Thank you to all the people that have donated to the WCCC so far

We have received donations from several people so far. Some have given hand tools and others have given chainsaws. We are appreciative of all the donations we have received. Thank You.

If you are unaware of what has happened, recently Fox News 4 ran a special segment detailing the robbery the WCCC suffered. You can find the video here. More than $1,800 worth of equipment was stolen from the premises. As a non-profit, we are unable to replace the items that were stolen. We are asking for any information that people may have that will lead to the return of the stolen equipment. We are also asking for the communities support as we deal with these tough times. We are seeking donations and contributions that will help us recover from this appalling event

If you are able to make a contribution or a donation, we have tax deductible forms available. You can make contributions online through our website here. If you are considering making a donation, please review our list of items that we are in need of.

Again, we are grateful for the community support we have received so far. We continue to be amazed by the compassion and support the community has for the Western Colorado Conservation Corps and the youth of Mesa County.

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At the Western Colorado Conservation Corps we work hard to keep you up to date on what  we are doing and how we are enhancing Colorado. Check back often to see new project posts, educational videos, and events. 

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