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Trail Building: Kokpelli & lunch loops

It's not everyday that you get to build new trail, but that is exactly what we had the opportunity to do while working up near the head of the Kokopelli Trail system by Loma. Usually we maintain trails and are working on already established paths. The project was in collaboration with the BLM and Hilltop Trail Crew. The WCCC worked with Chris Pipkin and David Livingston to teach our CorpsMembers Trail Building Techinques including rock work.

The first two weeks we worked on actualy building new trail and tread. We worked along flag lines and concentrated on the outslope and structural integrity of the trail. They key was to build a trail the would last for years to come and look like it had been there for years before. Mountain biking and hiking is a huge industry in the state of Colorado. According to Bicycle Colorado around $318 million is generated for the state from the mountain bike idustry.

Along with building new trail our crew also did some trail maintainence in the lunch loops area with the BLM and in accordance with BLM Trail Management Objectives. We did a bit of heavy lifting and rock work in the area.

We would like to thank the BLM especially Chris Pipkin and Mike Jones for coming out and teaching our CorpsMembers Trail Building Techniques and David Livingston from HillTop Trail Crews for educating everyone on how to do great rock work.

Here is a short video to recap our trail work at the end of the season.

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