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Crew Member Spotlight

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our crew members, Daniel Sanders, while he was splitting wood.

Daniel has been an energetic and enjoyable CorpsMember. It was fun to have him be part of our crews this year. I thought that I would ask him a few questions and give him an opportunity to share his experiences with other CorpsMembers in hopes that they may be encouraged to join the WCCC and apply for the 2017 season.

How long have you been with WCCC?

3 months.

Why did you join the WCCC?

I joined to go outside and hike and camp and meet new people. I have always loved camping since I was a boy scout.

Where was your favorite hitch?

North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

What is the best part about working for the WCCC?

The lifelong connections that you make and the volunteering that you are able to do.


Like the Saturday that we worked with the forest service working on the Old Spanish Trail handing out food to the bikers, hikers, and people on horesback.

Who are some of the project partners you got to work with?

Where do I start? The BLM, USFS, University of Utah, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Tamarisk Coalition, and NPS.

What have you learned during your time with the WCCC?

I've learned how to safely work next to chainsaws and how to correctly cut down trees, as well as proper saftey procedures so no one gets hurt. I learned how to manage money a little bit better. I learned so much stuff its hard to pin it down. I've increased my recipes for cooking and learned how to cook food better, teambuilding skills, patience, and conflict resolution.

What has been one of your favorite meals while on hitch?

Rice and chili or burritos.

Why did you like it so much?

It had all the proper food groups I needed and gave me energy for the following work day.

What would you like to say to future CorpsMembers?

Umm... pace yourself and know that if you think you've run out of energy, you still have energy stored somewhere. While working, take time to quiet your mind and enjoy nature's beauty and wildlife. That's the best part.

When you finish with the Corps what are your plans?

I want to progress in my efforts to build a strong essential oils comapny to help relieve people from the many medications that they are on. I would like to have the opportunity to travel and learn more about my ancestral heritage.

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At the Western Colorado Conservation Corps we work hard to keep you up to date on what  we are doing and how we are enhancing Colorado. Check back often to see new project posts, educational videos, and events. 

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