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North Rim of the Black Canyon: Gunnison Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration

The North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. What a beautiful place! Our project site overlooked the West Elk range, Needle Rock, and the local version of Sleeping Ute Mountain. While the crew worked, we were able to take a step back when we needed and take in the breathtaking views. From where we were, we could see the Grand Mesa, the West Elks, and beyond.

Our project work up on the North Rim consisted of building rock structures working with the Montrose BLM. Missie, Jeb, and Ken came out to instruct the crew in building rock structures. The environment was a bit different than what we have typically been working in and the rocks were much different than the granite we had worked with.

The crew quickly picked up on how to build the rock structures and one by one they began to complete them.

There were rock dams, filter dams, and rock run downs that needed to be completed.

The crew enjoyed their time while on the project. They completed 84 structures during their two weeks on the project.

We hope that our work will help re-establish habitat for the Gunnison Sage Grouse and we look forward to working with the Montrose BLM again. Habitat restoration is a continuing effort; it takes years for the sediment to accumulate and for the water table to rise. We know that the efforts to help the Gunnison Sage Grouse will continue until they have re-established a healthy population.

Thanks again for a great 2 weeks!

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