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What we can do for you

We frontload our training at the beginning of each season, attempting to give our crews the tools they'll need to be successful on your project.   


Our most successful model requires a Crew Leader and two Assistant Crew Leaders to lead, manage and supervise a crew of eight.


Crews are instructed in soft-skills, such as team building, effective communication and group dynamics, as well as hard-skills, such as trail building, chainsaw operations and fence building.  (Training Syllabus).


If a project partner thinks that a project may require specialized training, we can give specific instructions in our training, or we can provide guidance in the field. Either way, project partners should expect to provide technical and specific guidance on projects.




Have an idea for a project or training? Our project development team can help.  

Traditional WCCC projects include:


  • Constructing and maintaining trail systems

  • Improving outdoor recreation amenities such as playgrounds and parks

  • Mitigating fire-fuels

  • Flood and fire restoration

  • Restoring wildlife habitat

  • Mitigating and removing invasive species

  • Verifying and capturing GPS data

  • Restoring riparian areas

  • Constructing and deconstructing fences

  • Gunnison Sage Grouse habitat construction



Our land managers are our partners, that's why we ensure quality project management.

Corpsmember development is our priority, so we collaborate with national service experts.

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