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A network for people who have served

Serving with the WCCC immediately connects you to a broad network of colleagues, strengthens your resume, and introduces you to potential career paths.

From scientists and educators to managers and fire fighters, WCCC alumni are impacting communities and changing the world.  Past WCCC Corpsmembers play major roles in western Colorado and beyond.


The WCCC has been a stepping stone on the path of thousands of people's careers.  What interests you? There may be WCCC alumni who can help!

Have you worked for the WCCC? We want to hear from you! Tell us your story. How has your time with WCCC impacted your life? How have you used your education award? Where are you now? Let us know!

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Alumni Resources:


Our land managers are our partners, that's why we ensure quality project management.

Corpsmember development is our priority, so we collaborate with national service experts.

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