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With whom you will be working with 

Western Colorado Conservation Corps staff members are an eclectic group.  We hire and train a diverse set of leaders to provide the best quality of services.


The WCCC partners with individuals and groups that have a variety of interests.  Our job is to make sure that we're providing young people with the tools they need to succeed, while delivering quality services to land managers.


While helping young people develop, our professional staff is here to work with you on every stop along the way!

Meet The Team

Current Photo Jeff.jpg

Jeff Roberts 

Director Jeff has been with the WCCC since 2011, and has served as Director since August 2013. Prior to his non-profit work, Jeff managed a retail store for 12 years. He ran a $24 million store and supervised 170 employees. Jeff has also served as a firefighter and an EMT since 2005. Jeff, his wife Alyssa and their son David live in Grand Junction, CO.


Marcus Kissner

Associate Director Marcus is passionate about providing real world training and hands-on experience to members of the Corps. As a two-time decorated combat veteran with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he is a natural leader for Corps members to look up to. In his free time, you can find Marcus at the baseball diamond with his son or hunting on the Grand Mesa.


Tiffany Weimer

Human Resources Tiffany has been with the WCCC since 2017. With over a decade of management experience, she brings a depth of understanding of Human Resources and a broad variety of institutional backgrounds to the organization. When she is not at work, Tiffany enjoys traveling with her family and being outdoors with her dogs.


Clark Bouton

Logistics Director Clark has been at the WCCC since 2011. His Logistics and Special Projects include food purchases, vehicle maintenance, tools and safety equipment, assisting other staff, and making sure the whole Corps experience is as useful as it can be. When not at the office, Clark enjoys traveling with his wife, Pam.

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Matt Costigan


Morgan Smith

Case Manager/Human Resources Generalist

Morgan was born and raised in central Texas.Texas is where her love for everything outdoors started.  From living on a ranch and raising livestock to participating in nature clean ups with the girl scouts.   Morgan’s work experience in management has given her a well-rounded experience that she is able to share with the Corps. Morgan enjoys fishing and camping every chance she gets.

Field Manager 

Matt grew up in Grand Junction, and worked his way up through the corps as an assistant crew leader and crew leader in 2018 – 2020. In 2020 he started attending Colorado State University and graduated with a double bachelor's in Natural Resources Management and Restoration Ecology in May 2023. He returned to the corps as Field Manager in June 2023. In his free time he enjoys camping, backpacking, and gaming.  


Travis Boone

Assistant Field Manager Travis has come up through the ranks here at the WCCC. Being born and raised here in Grand Junction, he enjoys mountain biking and fishing during his free time. 


Bailey Goldberg

Assistant Field Manager Bailey was born and raised in Idaho. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and video games during her personal time. 


Patrick Tobin


Max Curry

Assistant Field Manager Max is  from Lincoln, Nebraska. He spends his free time enjoying reading, mountain biking, and spending time with his friends

Saw Technician Patrick was born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado. Working on cars, mountain biking, and hiking are a few of his favorite things to do to pass time.

Our land managers are our partners, that's why we ensure quality project management.

Corpsmember development is our priority, so we collaborate with national service experts.

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