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Preparing yourself to join the WCCC



WCCC recruits youth and young adults ages 17-28 for five to twenty-five weeks to complete service projects on public lands in western Colorado, in partnership with land management agencies. WCCC Crew Members work on the health and accessibility of these lands through projects such as: building and maintaining trails, fuel mitigation, fence construction and maintenance, invasive species removal, habitat restoration, and other conservation related projects in backcountry and front country settings. WCCC recruits youth from local western Colorado communities, as well as nationally. Crews have 5-7 members and three leaders.



Completing a term of service with the Western Colorado Conservation Corps can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You'll meet new friends, explore beautiful landscapes, and gain skills that will help you develop your career!


It can also, however, be strenuous if you’re not prepared. Here are some frequently asked questions. 

Do I need previous technical skills to be considered for a job with WCCC?

No, we will train you in the skills needed for project work. 

What gear do I need?
Having the right equipment is essential.  We operate in inclement weather. Rain, snow, heat and cold can impact any trip with the WCCC.  It is imperative that WCCC Corps members bring the right tools and equipment for their service projects.

Gear List

Does WCCC provide housing?
The WCCC in not a residential program.  Most WCCC crews operate Monday-Thursday, whether camping or operating as a day-crew. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for housing in western Colorado. "Almost Home simplifies the process for looking for affordable housing".  Many Corps Members are able to find temporary housing using basic searches.  

Approximately 75% of western Colorado is public lands. Some Corps Members choose to camp on the weekends in the spectacular surrounding areas.   Please note that most camping around Grand Junction will be at least a 30 minute drive to and from the WCCC office.

What is a typical work day like?

Service at the WCCC can be physically demanding.  Changes in elevation, heat, weather, and the general nature of our projects require physical exertion.  Our project day begins at 7 AM, and we finish at 5 PM. During the course of which, WCCC crews hike extensively, move heavy objects, and get an alarming amount accomplished!  

What can I expect when working with a crew?

Being a part of a team and tackling major environmental projects can be extremely rewarding.  You will live together, sweat together, and have many shared experiences. Bracing yourself to be part of a team of individuals, with different beliefs, ideas, diets and thoughts is helpful. 

How will this help me in the future?

The Western Colorado Conservation Corps is designed to be a stepping stone to help young people advance their professional and educational goals.   Collaborating with government partners, earning award money for higher education, developing professional skills, and being part of a team help WCCC alumni distinguish themselves.

Our land managers are our partners, that's why we ensure quality project management.

Corpsmember development is our priority, so we collaborate with national service experts.

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