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Working together to meet each other's goals

The WCCC operates using a fee-for-service funding structure.   


Please contact us if you have a project and are looking for funding opportunities.  We work with many agencies and organizations, and there may be funding available for your project.


Our crew rates are established by the Colorado Youth Corps Association. Depending on project and availability, we may be able to offer daily or partial-week rates. CYCA may also be able to help find funding for your project.


Please understand that fee-for-service rates do not, and are not intended, to completely cover our expenses. We collaborate with National Service providers, businesses, charitable organizations, and individual donors to supplement training costs and supplies. 


Depending on the crew and project, we may need to seek 15-35% of the project cost in donations.

Traditional WCCC projects include:


  • Constructing and maintaining trail systems

  • Improving outdoor recreation amenities such as playgrounds and parks

  • Mitigating fire-fuels

  • Flood and fire restoration

  • Restoring wildlife habitat

  • Mitigating and removing invasive species

  • Verifying and capturing GPS data

  • Restoring riparian areas

  • Constructing and deconstructing fences

  • Gunnison Sage Grouse habitat construction

What the WCCC is: 


  • Youth training, work-experience, and an education program

  • Focused on developing young people through service and learning

What the WCCC is Not: 


  • Professional work crews

  • A volunteer program

  • A recreation program

Shared Project Responsibilities


  • Pre-project walk-through with Project Partner's staff

  • Adult supervision

  • Crew of trained Corpsmembers (size of crew determined with Project Partner

  • Basic tools

  • Transportation

  • Camp equipment and food

​Project Partner

  • Project planning

  • Pre-project walk-through with WCCC staff

  • Specialty tools or heavy equipment

  • Project Partner staff person available to answer questions and check on quality

  • Complete an end-of-project evaluation

  • Camp site (if necessary)

  • Potable water

  • Access to toilet facilities

  • Horse/side-by-side packing services

  • Fee-for service

Specialty Crew (chainsaw trained, herbicide certified, high-altitude)

Specialty crews receive a 40-hour chainsaw specific class and are trained herbicide applicators.  The WCCC is a licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. (Herbicide not included in price).

$8,500 Estimated

Camping Crews

WCCC camping crews are self-contained units, bringing their own food, supplies and equipment to your multi-day project.  Project partners may be asked to identify adequate camp location, watersource, and may need to be involved in establishing toilet facities.

$7,500 Estimated

Day Crews

Day crews are based out of the office, non-camping crews.  They include adult supervision, basic tools and transportation.

$6,850 Estimated


Depending on your project, we have a skidsteer/hydroaxe available. Our skidsteer is operated by a full-time WCCC staff member, and needs to be reserved in advance.

$1,000/week Estimated

Wood Chipper

Do you need a wood chipper for your project?  Our Corpsmembers are trained to operate and maintain our own wood chipper.

$850/week Estimated

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Our land managers are our partners, that's why we ensure quality project management.

Corpsmember development is our priority, so we collaborate with national service experts.

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